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FunRetrospectives by Paulo Caroli and Taina Caetano

Project Ownership Transfer by Vinod Sankaranarayanan

An interview with Martin Fowler

To coincide with the release of the second edition of Refactoring, a landmark text in the art of software development, we got London-based Laura Paterson, one of our technical leads, to chat with Martin Fowler about the book. From the great functional debate to advice for career changers, we’ve captured the whole thing for you.

Práticas e Tendencias em Teste (PT) by Lucas Medina

Práticas e Tendencias em Teste (PT) by Lucas Medina

Agile IT Organisation Design by Sriram Narayan

DevOps in Practice: Reliable and Automated Software Delivery by Danilo Sato

Direto ao Ponto by Paulo Caroli

Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho

Gephi Cookbook by Devangana Khokhar

Gradle Essentials by Kunal Dabir, co-

Refatorando com padrões de projeto: um guia em Ruby by Marcos Brizeno

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