Digital Fluency: Prioritize the digital capabilities you need to navigate uncertainty.

Digital Fluency: Prioritize the digital capabilities you need to navigate uncertainty.

The Digital Fluency Model will help you to minimize your investment risk and build organizational resilience.

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Agree, plan and set up your change

Transparency and collaboration lead to better, more cross functional, decision making. Resources are more focused in on the work that delivers higher value.


 Timeframe: 3-6 months


Mastery of practices

Measurable improvement including: product/service cycle times, increased capability to deploy more digital services (e.g. IOT) , the ability to make change and capturing of more frequent data points lead to a more adaptive business model. 

Timeframe: 6-18 months


Remove constraints

Speed of value delivery and ease of technology adoption lead to higher returns and the emergence of new business value streams

Timeframe: 1-3 years


Reinforce across the business

Innovation and product excellence lead to market shaping, unique revenue models. Responsiveness across all aspects of the organization as a core capability, creating intimate customer interactions.

Timeframe: Ongoing

Identify the right level of digital investment for your organization

In any transformation, context is key. To truly succeed, you must first understand your own unique needs and aspirations, and invest accordingly. We’ve designed the Digital Fluency Model to help you to identify the degree of capability your organization needs to execute your goals and the investments required to achieve those capabilities, reducing the risk of over or under-investment.

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An initiative built for community

We’ve always been vehement supporters of open source and free knowledge, believing that the greatest ideas are driven by communication and collaboration. Making our latest thinking freely available to all allows us to pay it forward, explore new ways of working, and learn from the feedback of the wider community.

Perspectives: Becoming a modern digital business in 2020

A lot has changed in the last decade and as it draws to a close, many business leaders will no doubt be hoping to pause and catch their breath. But the fact is, in the 2020s the pace of technology-driven change is only set to accelerate. 2020 should begin then, with the resolution to develop a modern digital business.

Digital Fluency: Becoming a modern digital business

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Digital Transformation Game Plan

Bring new value to customers by mobilizing tech at the core, powered by a culture of rapid responsiveness. Digital Transformation Game Plan was written by business leaders for business leaders who believe in transforming enterprises through technology.

Digital Fluency: Connecting the Dots of Digital Transformation

‘Digital Transformation’ has become a loaded and overused phrase, meaning many different things to different people. Yet, the pressure to become digital and do it fast remains a very real priority for organizations who want to connect with customers and deliver value. So, how do you prioritize everything that needs to be done to be digital?

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